Cozy, Winter Portraits At Pine Mountain

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I will be the first to tell you, I’m not the greatest at writing what’s on my mind. Which is ironic because I keep a diary, journal, daily log… What ever you prefer to call it. I’m a list maker, a note taker, a chronic doodler… And yet I have the hardest time getting on here and writing a few words down.

In 2017 I plan to better about that. I HOPE to plan my blog posts on Mondays and Tuesdays, and post a blog every Wednesday and Friday… Or at least on either of those days. Bottom line, to at least blog once a week. We’ll call it one of my new goals.

Today I’m sharing some photos I took with a fellow photographer of a mutual friend of ours! We hiked all the way up Pine Mountain in Cartersville, Georgia to catch that last light of the day. This little lady looked so cozy in her pink sweater! And isn’t she an absolute doll?!



Some people shy away from getting their photos taken in the winter time, but I think there is such a warm, coziness about bundling up in sweaters and boots and having your photos taken. And nothing is cuter for photos than families or couples snuggling up and staying warm together while laughing and looking winter-gorgeous.

Hope everyone is enjoying their FriYAY! Today I’ll be sitting at home, enjoying a cup of hot chocolate (with marshmallows, of course!) and waiting on the predicted snow.

Until next time!


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